Was summer too hot to do exterior renovations? Winter could be the best season to complete your projects.

By Jeremy Bibb
Featured in Neighbors Magazine

Winter is often viewed as a time for staying indoors and cuddling up by the fire, but it’s actually a great time to make most exterior home improvements.

A majority of home improvement projects are completed during warmer months for a number of reasons. Consumers often wait for their tax refunds to fund big projects, or they host family for the holidays and find aspects of their homes they want to change. We also start to come out of our winter hibernation feeling reinvigorated and ready to make home improvements.

This results in less demand for home renovations during cooler months and creates more availability for contractors. Forbes Magazine found that winter remodels tend to get more personalized attention, and jobs can be completed more quickly simply because contractors have fewer competing projects.

That lull in work extends to suppliers, as well. With fewer projects, suppliers and manufacturers are more likely to offer discounts on materials during winter months. Custom and specialty products can be manufactured more quickly, resulting in faster completion times for some jobs.

If you travel or have a busy social schedule during the holidays, winter may be an ideal time to have workers in your house without disrupting your daily routine. For those with children at home during summer months, it may be difficult to vacate the house for renovations. So if you’re already traveling for the holidays, it may be an ideal time for a contractor to open up your house.

For larger jobs requiring permits, government officials are typically less busy in the winter, so the permitting process can also be quicker and easier.

Austin’s cooler winter weather is ideal for exterior projects, especially for projects like window and door replacements where your home will be open to the elements for a short period of time (fewer bugs, less pollen and allergens, etc.).  Here are some specific exterior home renovations that are well-suited for winter months:

  • Window replacement – Installing energy-efficient windows can save you money on your heating and cooling bills, as well as seal up any air gaps allowing cold air to seep in during frosty winter months.
  • Door replacement – Doors are often changed for aesthetic reasons, but a new door can offer increased insulation and reduced energy costs. Modern doors also offer numerous options to improve your home’s security.
  • Siding installation – New siding can improve your home’s energy efficiency, as well as its curb appeal. It’s also a relatively easy project to do in cooler months.
  • Exterior paint – Paint performs better in cooler temps and cures more evenly, maximizing the durability and longevity of your external paint.

Get in touch with Legacy to start working on your projects during this slower season! You may be able to begin earlier, spend less, get the project done in less time, and get a big thank you from us for enhancing our down season. Give us a call at 512.663.1864 for a free estimate. We’ll send one of our professional designers to your home to discuss your needs and what products will work best for your home.

By the time spring arrives you’ll have completed all your renovations, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your home.